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Mission / Values

Company Mission - What we exist for?

To be a global excellence Company with an inspiring work culture for serving customers and the society by exceeding the expectations of all its stakeholders.

Company Values - What we believe in?

"Mutual Respect"

We have to treat everyone with courtesy, respect and dignity. Everyone means - Junior/ Senior, Customer/ Supplier, Rich / Poor, all company employees/ team members, all visitors. We have to respect them for their ideas/ views/ suggestions and deal with people in a fair, honest and win-win way. Every employee must have the opportunity to work to the best of his/her ability and no obstacle must come in his/her way to achieve his/her full potential


We have to do new, different and better innovating work everyday, to survive in this competitive business environment. New ideas, suggestions, kaizens must always be an important part of daily activity. We have to continuously change, by ourselves, much before change is forced upon us by others. We have to be far ahead of global competition.


We must have the attitude to cooperate with everyone, we deal with. Everyone means - Junior/ Senior, Customer/ Supplier, all company team members. We have to achieve maximum transparency and honesty, in our dealing with all our team members. Our behavior must be such that we voluntarily help and support each other, to do a better job.


Every activity done by every team member must be done, to the best of his ability and every action should be better than competition. By excellence, we mean, nobody can do that activity, better than us. We have to achieve excellence in quality, cost, delivery, safety, morale, engineering, customer delight, all the time.


We mean, every team member in PPAP must take appropriate actions so that he can earn the trust of all team members, customers and suppliers. It requires dealing with one another with complete honesty and truthfulness. Everyone must earn trust so that everyone is called trustworthy. Being trustworthy creates goodwill for you and you can enjoy your work with dignity and pride which goes with being a trustworthy person.