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Injection Moulding

PPAP has capability to manufacture Interior and Exterior Injection molded products and their complete assembly. The company has been a pioneer in the manufacture of Injection molded sealing parts like Weatherstrip Partition and Gas Assisted - Body Side Protectors. These products are used for sealing purpose, as well as, to improve the aesthetics of a vehicle.

In 2007, PPAP started its technology association with Nissen Chemitec Corporation for the design and manufacturing of Interior products like Door Lining Assembly, Rear Tray Assembly, Trunk Lid Assembly, Pillar Garnishes, and Fender Inner etc.

Today, the company has some of the best injection molding machines to manufacture both gas assist, as well as, non-gas type injection molded parts. The company has also set up Robotic based assembly processes to ensure defect free and cost effective assembled part to its customers.

The company has capability of processing engineering plastics like PVC, PP, AES, PBT, POM and TPO.