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PPAP is a leading manufacturer of Automotive sealing systems, Interior and Exterior products. The company's state of the art manufacturing facilities are located in Noida (UP), Greater Noida (UP), Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and Pathredi (Rajasthan).

The company has an integrated development center which designs the products using the latest softwares. It also has a validation and testing facility to validate the designs along with a tool manufacturing facility which makes all the tools required to manufacture the products.

The company has Extrusion lines which are capable of processing Engineering polymers like PVC, PP, TPO, TPE and TPV materials. The company has Co-Extrusion facilities which are capable of extruding up to 4 different hardness materials into a single profile based on the customer's requirements.

The company also has EPDM Rubber Extrusion lines and TPV Glass Run Channel line in its Joint Venture Company. All the lines are fully automated and use the best and most cost effective technology.

Besides Extrusion lines, the company also has Injection Molding machines ranging from 60 tons to 2500 tons. The company continuously focuses on acquiring the latest technology like Servo controllers, Electric machines, QMC, Magnetic platen etc. to give a quality and cost effective product to the customer. These machines have been sourced primarily from the leading manufacturers in the world like Toshiba, JSW, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Toyo, Nissei etc.