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What are the Total Employee Involvement activities at PPAP ?

At PPAP, we value the IR relationship between the management and the employees and we work towards making it most cordial, healthy and long lasting. PPAP also believes that the best knowledge of the operations lies with its experienced people and it is of utmost importance to get their valuable suggestions towards our endeavor for continuous improvement.

In order to improve the IR relationship, monthly Town Hall meetings are held to improve the communication between the management and the employees. Through these meetings, PPAP endeavors to communicate its concern areas to everyone, understand the concerns of its people behind non achievement of targets and recognizes the top performers.

PPAP welcomes suggestions from team members for the improvement of the workplace and implements them timely.

Kaizen is one of the most important and an unending process in the company. Every Kaizen is the beginning of another Kaizen. All team members are focused on rapid continuous improvement of the workplace.

All team members are required to put in mandatory hours of training as they are required to continuously improve their Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits.

It is mandatory for all company executives to devote their time on teaching their subordinates.

All team members have Mentors assigned to them to solve their problems and to enable their subordinates to upgrade their skills and guide them through their journey in the company.